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XP Power: Company overview

Leading provider of power solutions, including AC-DC power supplies and DC- 。。。

Videos November 28, 2019

How to connect & test a proportional model

Understand how to connect and test a proportional model to verify operation 。。。

Videos November 1, 2019

Connecting proportional models for positive & negative outputs

Expert advice on how to connect proportional high voltage DC to DC power su ...

Videos October 24, 2019

Efficient GCS150-250 series of power supplies

Designed to maximise efficiency while minimising no-load input power.

Videos October 10, 2019

Features & benefits of proportional & regulated high voltage converters

Our Vice President of High Voltage products describes the features and bene 。。。

Videos October 3, 2019

The impact of source resistance on high voltage converters

Expert design engineer explains the impact of source resistance on high vol 。。。

Videos August 8, 2019

How to connect and test a regulated model

Incite from engineering technician on how to connect and test a regulated u 。。。

Videos April 11, 2019

AC-DC & DC-DC power supply & power conversion products

Explanation of the practical applications of XP Power's AC-DC & DC-DC power ...

Videos February 14, 2019

Ultra compact ECE05-60 series of power converters

ECE series of 5 to 60 Watts power converters ideal for end-product designs 。。。

Videos November 28, 2018

Highly efficient CCL400 series of power supplies

CCL400 series supplies up to 400 Watts convection-cooled AC-DC power with u ...

Videos August 5, 2018

State of art manufacturing facility: Kunshan, China

Informative overview of XP Power's leading manufacturing facilities in Kuns ...

Videos July 17, 2018

ECS25-60 series, open-frame power supplies

Concise overview of key features of new 25, 45 & 60 Watts open-frame power ...

Videos June 27, 2018