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Defense & Avionics Power Supply Guide

XP Power takes the COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) initiative from the US D ...

Literature November 11, 2019

High Voltage/High Power Selector Guide

XP Power offers solutions to most high voltage DC power supply requirements ...

Literature July 16, 2019

The Essential Guide to Power Supplies

Invaluable Essential Guide to Power Supplies。 Whether you're designing-in a 。。。

Literature May 1, 2019

High Voltage/Low Power Selector Guide

XP Power offers market leading miniature high voltage dc-dc power supplies。 。。。

Literature April 17, 2019

Railway Power Solutions Guide

The XP Power Rail Solutions guide provides an overview of the industry and 。。。

Literature April 16, 2019

AC-DC Selector Guide

XP Power offers one of the widest range of AC-DC power supplies products. T ...

Literature February 12, 2019

DC-DC Selector Guide

XP Power offers one of the widest range of DC-DC converter products. To hel ...

Literature December 12, 2018

Power Supply Selector Guide

Latest XP Power product catalog. Full colour, informative 88 page Power Sup ...

Literature October 18, 2018

EMI Filters Selector Guide 2019

To complement our power supply range, we have introduced a range of XP Powe 。。。

Literature October 1, 2018

MIL COTS DC-DC, Filter & Surge Protection Selector Guides

XP Power offers a wide range of DC-DC solutions for defense and avionic app ...

Literature August 16, 2018

Medical Power Supplies Guide

The XP Power Medical Power Supplies Guide identifies products specifically ...

Literature June 20, 2018