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Installation of Open Frame AC-DC Power Supplies: 3 Main Factors to Consider for Success

AC/DC power supplies are commonly supplied in what is known by the industry ...

Blog Posts March 3, 2020

Flexible 500W peak-power AC-DC supply is ideal for industrial and medical (BF) device applications

The new CMP250 series of high peak-power AC-DC power supply units have been ...

Blog Posts October 23, 2019

Standard high voltage modules save time, space and money

Component high voltage output DC-DC converters have changed the way many ma ...

Blog Posts April 11, 2019

Universal DC input solutions for rail applications

Providing an approved, single DC-DC power solution which covers all nominal ...

Blog Posts March 8, 2019

Selecting power supplies for peak load applications

Specifying an AC/DC power supply for systems with peak load requirements th ...

Blog Posts February 5, 2019

Compact, low profile, 750W AC-DC supplies with 900W peak power

The GSP750 series of 750W continuous / 900W peak, AC-DC power supply units ...

Blog Posts January 10, 2019

IEC 62368-1, EN 62368-1 & UL 62368-1 Approved Power Supplies & DC-DC Converters

IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 is the new safety standard with a broad scope that covers ...

Blog Posts December 3, 2018

IEC protection classes for power supplies

Power supplies fall into one of three protection classes based on the need, ...

Blog Posts November 5, 2018

Electrolytic Capacitor Lifetime in Power Supplies

Electrolytic capacitors are an essential ingredient in AC-DC power supplies ...

Blog Posts October 8, 2018

Tiny 500W PSU meets latest medical and IT standards

The new GCU500 series of 500W AC-DC power supplies, with class-leading feat 。。。

Blog Posts July 31, 2018

Factors That Affect Power Supply Reliability

The most important factor is good, careful design based on sound experience ...

Blog Posts July 21, 2018

What to expect on a PMBus Compliant Power supply?

The Power Management Bus (PMBus) is an open standard power-management proto ...

Blog Posts June 16, 2018